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INNOVATION: Interview with Cesare Moroni, CEO S2E

Cesare Moroni - CEO Solutions2Enterprises

Cesare tell us briefly introduction to who S2E is in the market and what its excellent results in 2022 are. What are the biggest areas of growth?

S2E is a technology consulting company that provides support and guidance to companies in the process of digital transformation. In 2022, we achieved significant results by offering our customers technologically innovative and tailor-made solutions and services, which are both economical and sustainable for the company in terms of its existing assets. Cybersecurity, cloud adoption, hyperautomation and artificial intelligence, data analytics, and infrastructure integration services are among our most important areas of expertise and growth; as a result, we have developed a very broad portfolio of services that take advantage of both emerging and already leading technologies within these areas. Thanks to our collaboration with Gartner, which we began several years ago, we are able to closely monitor the technological trends of the near future and offer state-of-the-art solutions for enterprise competitiveness.


S2E was founded by you and two other partners in 2008. Over the past 14 years, how has the company evolved?

Founded in 2008 with my partners, S2E has evolved over the years. We initially focused on software development and business process management solutions. Over the years, we have expanded our solution range to include (in addition to those mentioned) data solutions, robotic process automation, application maintenance, legacy modernisation, cybersecurity advisory and compliance, enterprise security services, and identity governance (in addition to those mentioned). As a result, we were able to meet the needs of the growing market and maintain our position as a leader in the design and implementation of technology solutions for companies in the fintech, retail, utilities, fashion, and telecom sectors, as well as in government.


In addition to your role as CEO, you also oversee the innovation business unit. Can you tell us more? How do you manage your role as an Innovation Evangelist?

Currently, I am responsible for S2E's Innovation business unit. Having partnered with Gartner, we are able to keep abreast of the latest trends and most advanced IT solutions, and S2E has an established presence in Israel, where cutting-edge software solutions, particularly in the security field, are developed. In my role as an Evangelist, I am committed to making our customers aware of the signs of digital transformation so they can remain competitive, and encouraging our internal teams to test, learn, and train on cutting-edge technologies. The partnership with Gartner has further boosted our ability to innovate and ride new technology trends.


What is your vision for your business? 

Together with Marco Salerni, the S2E Managing Director who has guided the company to increase growth and consolidation for more than four years, we have outlined a five-year development business plan.

We aim to support our customers by providing innovative customised market solutions, especially for companies in the financial, insurance, retail, energy, oil, telecom, utility and fashion sectors and government. It is our people who make the difference. As an organization, we continually invest in training and focus on the well-being of our employees so that they may enjoy their time both at work and at home.


Cesare Moroni


We know that you are a keen triathlete. What benefits have been passed on to your professional life?

Because of the difficulties and discouragement that may come up during races, I have developed resilience.

Resilience is the ability to overcome difficult situations; it is a key soft skill even in today's increasingly competitive, frenetic professional world, full of external pressures and stresses. It is a skill we can all learn, and it helps us maintain an inner balance that makes us stronger and able to handle the difficulties we face in life. We learn how to react to difficult situations and develop ourselves. Resilience can improve quality of life.

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