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Safeguard your Generative AI-powered conversational agents. Embed smart guardrails.

In the evolving landscape of Generative AI, the integration of this technology into existing corporate frameworks presents a crucial business challenge, particularly in managing the associated risks to security and data confidentiality. Addressing these concerns, S2E introduces Generative Shield, a robust SaaS solution designed for seamless embedding into existing AI agents. This platform facilitates centralized governance, monitoring, risk and security management of corporate conversational modules. Generative Shield enhances your AI capabilities maintaining strict adherence to GDPR compliance. This ensures that while you leverage advanced Generative AI technology, ownership and confidentiality of your data are preserved, empowering you to create customized, secure AI interactions within your enterprise environment.

Companies evaluating the adoption of Generative Shield can contact S2E and schedule a demo of the platform.

  • Advanced Content and Data Filtering

    Generative Shield sets precise controls on what data can be shared with end-users and external AI providers, employing dummies-data rules to replace sensitive information with fictional values, ensuring robust privacy without sacrificing contextual relevance. Warning and blocking rules are also applied to manage the flow of data based on its sensitivity, enhancing security and compliance.

  • Scope Setting and Limitations for GenAI

    Define clear boundaries for AI behaviors with Generative Shield’s comprehensive scope settings. This includes positive limitations that specify allowable actions and negative limitations to prevent certain tasks, ensuring all AI operations align with corporate policies and data governance standards.

  • Agents Centralized Governance

    Generative Shield enables centralized governance of all AI agents, providing a unified management framework that ensures consistency in AI operations, risk management, and compliance across the corporate ecosystem. 

  • Agent Intermediation within the Corporate Ecosystem

    Facilitate intermediation of AI agents within your corporate systems. Generative Shield acts as a mediator, ensuring all AI agents work harmoniously within your existing infrastructure, enhancing system interoperability and data exchange controls.

  • Versatile integration

    Generative Shield is not just another platform but a fully integrable solution that allows the integration through APIs or widgets, ensuring a seamless fusion with your existing corporate agents. 

  • Native Integration with Major GenAI Models

    Support for major generative AI models like OpenAI and Anthropic, and others, allowing users to select the most appropriate AI model for their specific needs, integrated directly into Generative Shield’s secure environment.

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